Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Steve Barbarich

Steven Barbarich founded his own company when his search to find a trustworthy online retailer of portable spa jacuzzis came up nil. Steve had the same concerns that many Internet users have towards buying things online. And after trying to buy a hot tub online, many of those nagging concerns became absurdly true. The company that sold him his hot tub did not warn him about its size, and he found out the hard way that the hot tub would not fit through his front door. He contacted the portable spa jacuzzi company, expecting to get some form of assistance from their customer service department. Instead, they were short on answers, and Steve was left with an idle lump of premium acrylic wasting away on the lush surface of his grassy, front lawn. This could easily be a textbook example on how to not to run a respectable business or how not to create a massive mess for your customers.
Unsurprisingly, e-commerce is intimidating for many. This is especially true when it involves very important purchases in one's life like buying your first spa or jacuzzi online. If you are like Barbarich, this was nothing short of an emotional – and financial – nightmare.
As an inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Steve Barbarich responded in the best way he could. He started his own online portable spa and jacuzzi company,, to ensure that other online shoppers will never share the same poor shopping experience he went through. He enlisted knowledgeable and articulate internal team of sales representatives to aid in his vision for extraordinary customer service in the portable spa and jacuzzi market. Learning from the mistakes of other Internet businesses and from his own terrible experiences as an online customer, he made the conscious decision to not outsource his customer care to a cheaper, offshore setup.
Steve also wished to promote a more pleasurable and easier experience for online portable spa and jacuzzi shoppers. He made it loud and clear that he wanted people to know that the ChooseHotTubsDirect team would be there for every customer during each step of the way. In a recent press release publicly available on Yahoo! News, the CEO stated, "To sustain a successful e-commerce business and maintain profitability, a business not only has to offer high quality products, but should also ensure that the customers feel secure about their purchases and certain that they can always get the help they need."
Taking the time to meet every customer expectations and needs not only shows the integrity of a comnpany but is also the best way to operate a reputable and successful business model. Positive word-of-mouth marketing benefits both the consumer – you or those dear to you – and the company. “If you provide your customers with reliable assistance and quality information, your business will win the customers' trust and loyalty, ensuring repeat business not only from this customer, but also from his friends, co-workers, family and peers," says Barbarich who is not afraid to take the time to personally talk to and help portable hot tub customers.
Despite the wonderful service that Steven Barbarich guarantees, no one will experience this joy and ease available through if there are no attractive deals to be had on a top-selling portable spa or jacuzzi. You can benefit from the online nature of Barbarich's business model because it offers high quality luxury products at factory-direct wholesale prices. Barbarich is not stopping there. He wants to take advantage the fact that his online portable spa company does not have the same high overhead expesnses that plague traditional retail stores today. He also setup his business to connecting you, the consumer, directly with the makers of portable spas and jucuzzis. By cutting out all the middlemen, this online format gets you freshly made jucuzzis and portable spas straight from their manufacturers. Every one of ChooseHotTubDirect's customers has access to the same low wholesale prices that regular retail stores do. Steve Barbarich has plans to offer the same great service and low prices in other luxury categories. Expect to see more specialty websites pop up in the future under the Barbarich umbrella. Steve is looking to transfer the same great service that ChooseHotTubDirect customers enjoy to these future websites. He has already succeed at doing so with his second website, If you're in the market for a new BBQ grill island or looking for a nice setup for an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, ChooseOutdoorKitchens maintains the same business model with great customer service and discount prices like ChooseHotTubsDirect.

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